Project 370Z and the ZDayZ 2012 connection

zdayzProject 370Z

Thank you for visiting the ZDayZ Nissan 'Project 370Z' gateway page! ZDayZ is very pleased to be chosen as the Nissan Performance Enthusiast's event where the public will see the Nissan 'Project 370Z' for the 1st time.

What is the 'Project 370Z' Enthusiast/Track Car build about? This is Nissan's social media push to wrap their corporate arms around one of the most passionate performance enthusiast communities in all of motorsports! Pound for pound, HP for HP, the Nissan Z® has been, and is an extraordinary performance choice right off the showroom floor. But Z® car performance enthusiasts are an intense & resourceful lot, and for over 40 years, performance modifications for show and go on the street and the track have for the most part, been the rule for the Z®- not the exception.

Nissan has decided that they can do this too! No in-house only cataloged NISMO solutions, no off the shelf body kit bits, they are engaging us - the Nissan Performance Enthusiast Community - to be their adviser. We get to make use of our aftermarket product knowledge, share what we've all learned from each other, as well as from the independent performance shops specializing in the Nissan Performance Platforms

Our community is very well served by these specialist Nissan performance shops, and the tradition of ZDayZ is supported by some of those performance shops, and prominent performance product manufacturers and vendors. Links to each are provided on this page, they are all worthy of your attention.

From here you may move on to the Nissan Performance page on Facebook (click that link, or the 'Project 370Z' logo above), but before you go, if you're just clicking through, and not familiar with our event, please check out this ZDayZ event website. Nissan's choice to build & unveil this very unique 370Z at ZDayZ is not an accident. If you haven't registered - come to ZDayZ - and experience why Nissan, and the Nissan Z, GT-R and Infinti G & M community have embraced it as the place to be in May for 9 awesome years!